Hi! I’m Sravya. I am an Artivist and graphic designer creating art about mental health, self-care, and feminism for editorials, brand marketing, and social media collaborations.

Now available for client work!

I've worked with / currently work with:

Sravya was a pleasure to work with. She is prompt, professional, incorporates critical feedback, she is very talented and is a nice person. I highly recommend working with her. 

The process was smooth and easy, and Sravya made me feel like a VIP client - quick turnaround times, fast and highly professional correspondence, and a sense of excitement throughout. I can't wait to hire her for my next project!

Sravya is a brilliant artist who is amazing to work with! She replies instantly, works rapidly, produces amazing, emotion provoking artwork and is an all round lovely person to work with!

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